About us

Hydria Water offers effective solutions in mechanical water treatment. Our products are continually being developed to meet the high demands that treatment plants, waterworks and process industries place on water treatment.


In addition to production of our products, our company also offers services in consultancy, assembly and service.

By owning the entire production chain, from concept to installation, we can guarantee cost-effective machines that play a role in converting wastewater into a resource.

Hydria Water then and now.

Hydria Water is part of the family-owned industrial Hydria Group. Together with the brands Mellegård & Naij and VA Teknik Sweden, which merged under the name Hydria Water in 2022, we have developed a comprehensive offer in order to create a secure business for our customers. We provide guidance throughout the process and deliver products and service in screenings separation, screenings handling, sand handling and sedimentation for treatment plants and facilities all over the world.


Hydria Water currently has two offices in Sweden. In Borås and Skövde. The head office is in Borås, where development and production also take place.

Sustainability at Hydria Water

As part of the Borås-based, family-owned Hydria Group, we have excellent opportunities to work long term with sustainability. With our high-quality Swedish-made products, we will contribute to sustainable solutions with a focus on the future needs of society.

The three aspects of sustainability are cornerstones of all the group’s companies, and we work together to achieve greater results from our efforts.


If you want to read more about how our group works with sustainability, please follow this LINK.