Combi Unit CU

Combi Unit CU is a complete mechanical pretreatment system for water treatment.

Product Description

With a Combi Unit, you get a cost-effective solution that includes screenings separation with a step screen or spiral screen, followed by a grit and grease trap. All entirely in stainless material in a freestanding unit, with flanged connections. Combi Unit is a good alternative to digging and pouring concrete pools.

Combi Unit is assembled according to the customer’s wishes and dimensioned according to each specific need and flow. CU may consist of, for example:

• Screenings separation with Cross Screen XS or Spiral Screen SS
• Screenings treatment with Wash Press TP
• Sand separation with rectangular grit trap or circular vortex grit trap
• Grit trap can be aerated or non-aerated
• Sand treatment with bottom conveyor and discharge conveyor
• Grease separation with surface scraper, scraper table and discharge pump
• Blower and grease pump

  • Modern design in strong stainless high-quality material.
  • Modular with easily selectable machine types.
  • Several different options for screenings separation, e.g. coarse screens, fine screens or filters.
  • Alternative screenings treatment, e.g. wash press.
  • Alternative grit trap design, e.g. aerated, non-aerated or grease trap.
  • Entirely enclosed, safe and hygienic.
800-2 400 mm
1-6 mm
5-270 l/s
Drive unit
EN 1.4301, EN 1.4404

Spare parts

Thanks to the fact that we manufacture all parts in-house, we have quick access to all spare parts. If they are not in stock, we can also quickly manufacture them. This means that we can usually send the parts the same day you contact us.

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