Spiral Conveyor CO

Spiral Conveyor CO is used for the transport of e.g. screenings, sludge, sand and waste.

Product Description

The rotation of the spiral and the friction of the material in the trough create the forward motion. The drive can push or pull. The spiral is available with or without a shaft. The wear linings are fully covered plastic segments or wear-resistant steel rails.

Available in a design with pressure zone and drainage for dewatering and compaction as well as with pipe trough.

  • Modern design that can manage steep and vertical transport.
  • Strong spiral and trough enable high torques and long transports.
  • Thick, easily replaceable wear lining segments with a market-unique design in alternative materials.
  • Modular design for easy adaptation of inlets, outlets, support legs, drainage, etc.
  • Available in a design with pressure zone and drainage for dewatering/compaction of screenings and wet waste.
  • Easily replaceable drive unit for flexibility during installation and manufacturer selection.
  • Entirely enclosed, safe and hygienic.
  • Wear detector to easily inspect wear of wear linings.
  • “Star drive” that spares the gear during varying loads.
0,1-30 m3/h
Drive unit
EN 1.4301, EN 1.4404

Spare parts

Thanks to the fact that we manufacture all parts in-house, we have quick access to all spare parts. If they are not in stock, we can also quickly manufacture them. This means that we can usually send the parts the same day you contact us.

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