Temporary Screen Installation

Hydria Water has developed a mobile, container-based solution that uses plug and play to enable the maintained or increased capacity for wastewater treatment at the treatment plant. This is useful during major seasonal variations, for example, or temporary downtime.

Product Description

The container is connected to the incoming and outgoing lines via plug and plug. The capacity of the solution is up to 700 m3/h, but for larger flows several containers can be added and docked to new lines.

Internally the container is equipped with a receiving box, screen (or filter), wash press with control and waste container, as well as all other equipment needed to operate the process smoothly.

The pipe system’s outlet is equipped with Longofill and a Longopac for a good working environment and safe hygiene. The internal wall and ceiling surfaces are treated with epoxy material for easy cleaning.

The container is supplied insulated and heated to cope with winter climates and with a smaller ventilation system.

  • 20-foot HC container.
  • Flanged connections for incoming and outgoing flow.
  • Adapted for mobile use.
  • Capacity up to 700 m3/h per container.
  • Insulated and heated to cope with winter climates.
  • Equipped with a smaller ventilation system.

Spare parts

Thanks to the fact that we manufacture all parts in-house, we have quick access to all spare parts. If they are not in stock, we can also quickly manufacture them. This means that we can usually send the parts the same day you contact us.

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