Vertical Chain Scraper

Hydria Water’s Vertical Chain Scraper prevents the buildup of sludge by scraping along the side walls of the basin.

Product Description

This is a reliable design that simplifies maintenance in smaller unmanned treatment plants where sludge sometimes settles on the wetted side walls in the sedimentation basins. The scraper helps to remove sludge more safely and prevents the sludge from fermenting and forming floating sludge that accompanies the outgoing water. The need for supervision, manual scraping and brushing of hard-to-reach side walls is reduced thanks to the ability to operate the scraper on a timer setting or remote control.

The vertical chain scraper also works excellently in sludge pockets in normal rectangular sedimentation basins and is installed without any major change to existing equipment in most sludge pits. Can also be used in mobile units with sludge pockets and basins with an Actiflo process to keep the microsand moving.

  • Simple and reliable design.
  • Can be controlled by timer or remotely.
  • Reduces the need for supervision and manual cleaning.
  • Can be used in most basins and sludge pits.
  • Plastic bearings lubricated by basin water.
  • Vertical chain scraper’s drive unit easily installed by use of a smaller motor plate.
Drive unit
EN 1.4301, EN 1.4404

Sapre parts

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