Wash Press TP

Wash Press TP is a screw press that washes, presses and transports screenings and wet waste.

Product Description

The screw press forces the material into a pipe system or other back force device that generates resistance to the screw. The resistance provides detention time for washing and pressing. The hardox-reinforced end of the screw provides intermittent compaction of screenings. This results in increased washing-off and dewatering. The screw causes some disintegration of material, which yields positive results for some materials. The wash press has a compact length and height compared with some hydraulic presses, for instance.

  • Strong double trough design enables high torques and high dry contents.
  • The double trough allows a long inlet length, which in turn saves on conveyors.
  • Strong wear-resistant steel-coated screw and thick slide rails provide a long service life that can handle large compressive forces.
  • Separate thrust-bearing screw that compensates for angular errors owing to wear and protects the gearbox.
  • The double trough allows maximum perforation surface of the inner trough for a high level of dewatering and good drainage.
  • Easily replaceable drive unit for flexibility during installation and manufacturer selection.
  • Entirely enclosed, safe and hygienic.
Drive unit
EN 1.4301, EN 1.4404

Spare parts

Thanks to the fact that we manufacture all parts in-house, we have quick access to all spare parts. If they are not in stock, we can also quickly manufacture them. This means that we can usually send the parts the same day you contact us.

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