Screening Separation

solid particles
from water.


Screenings separation

Efficient machines for mechanical water purification

The first step in mechanical cleaning is the screenings separation process. Here the wastewater is filtered through a screen or filter that captures screenings and particles. The gaps in the screen are so small that only water, sand and small organic particles can pass through. Everything else that is flushed down and accompanies the wastewater is rinsed away. The screenings are passed on to screenings handling for washing and dewatering while the wastewater is filtered to the next step, grit trap and/or pre-sedimentation.


Hydra Water offers several effective products for mechanical screenings separation, with both fine and coarse screens. Our step-type screen is a market leader thanks to its unique design. Here there are also simple spiral screens with perforated troughs/screen baskets for small channels, external sludge receivers and modular machines.

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