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Sedimentation, or sludge separation, is the final step before the water is ready for biological treatment. In this process step, particles with a density higher than water sink to the bottom of the basin. There they form a sludge, a so-called primary sludge. Using various types of chain scrapers and other scrapers, the sludge is moved into sludge pockets in order to then be pumped to sludge treatment. The same machine can also funnel floating sludge for decantation. If there is a need to remove surface water from the sedimentation basins, outlet weirs are available that are always dimensioned according to the specific needs of the customer or the facility.


Over the years, Hydria Water has developed a number of innovative and effective products to improve sedimentation for municipal as well as industrial treatment plants, the paper and pulp industry, oil refineries, desalination plants and the food industry. All sedimentation equipment is developed to require as little supervision as possible.

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