Cross Screen XS

Cross Screen XS is a mechanical step-type screen that separates solid particles, screenings and debris from wastewater.

Product Description

A step-type fine screen has several unique properties. For example, it is totally self-cleaning and therefore requires neither flushing nor brushing. The step-type fine-screen model also has unsurpassed capacity, results and total economy in mechanical screenings separation.

Cross Screen XS is equipped with a unique sealed low-friction bottom step without plastic spacers. This results in a screen with constant gap width and the highest separation percentage of any step screen on the market. A constant gap width can be guaranteed, even during operation. The large steps with uniquely designed bars provide a safe and high conveying capacity. A 2–6 mm cross screen replaces a 10–30 mm coarse screen in existing channels with retained capacity and hydraulic flight.

  • Unique and sealed low-friction bottom step without plastic spacers provides a constant gap width and the highest separation of any step screen on the market. This enables the replacement of perforated fine screens.
  • Patented bottom step.
  • The only screen on the market with guaranteed gap width, even during operation.
  • Uniquely designed bars for high conveyor capacity.
  • Self-cleaning discharge without plastic spacers.
  • Solid design with strong and stable bars.
  • Large steps provide a secure and high conveyor capacity.
  • Linkage transmission eliminates limitations such as min. or max. water depth.
  • Solid crossbeams and high mechanical strength allow large screening widths.
  • Flexible mounting angle of 45–50 degrees provides a compact installation.
  • Completely enclosed, safe and hygienic machine with easy-to-open inspection hatches.
  • Adjustable support legs for suspension simplifies installation and service.
Discharge height
0,8-5,5 m
Effective width
<1 600 mm
1-6 mm
<6 000 l/s
Drive unit
EN 1.4301, EN 1.4404

Spare parts

Thanks to the fact that we manufacture all parts in-house, we have quick access to all spare parts. If they are not in stock, we can also quickly manufacture them. This means that we can usually send the parts the same day you contact us.

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